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This is Stories Page and if you want to see some good storie in Fanfiction and Wattpad. so i really love Kick*from Kickin'it* and if you want to send me a message about the stories *from Fanfiction* then go to it and then write your favourite t.v show stories or movies and more. And if you saw me on Wattpad you can follow me and i will wirte some more of the good ones please do that Please!

Head 2 start with this..Edit

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    Jerry: Molly is the Best Oc
  • Molly: Thanks Jerry
  • Jack: and she don't own this wika
  • Molly: yeah i own this wika
  • Jack: good saying i like that
  • Molly: aww thanks Jack.
  • Jack: your welcome, Molly
  • Me: aehm i writing in here
  • J,J and Molly: Sorry real life Molly
  • Me: it okay Guys *smlies*

And just like that if you want to do that.

the Photo of LEO Howard! >>>

  • Molly: uhh. don't get me starting
  • Molly went to her bed
  • Jack: Okay night molly
  • Molly: Night Jack
  • Kim: *sigh*
  • Moly: good luck on your date
  • Kim: Thanks Molly
  • Kim went down the staris and Jack is shocked
  • Jack: Wow! you look beauitful
  • KIm: Thanks.
  • Jack: ready to go
  • Kim: Yup

Cute one of Kick. i made it myself hope you like it.

Oc PageEdit

Also The Oc is the Characters For Fanfiction,Wattpad,FictionPress and Quotev.