Molly is a 16 years old girl who used to be a new girl at town and she meets nice friends and she trained Karate at Bobby wasabi Dojo, she don’t likes bullies at school. Until one day she meted the wasabi warriors and she meets Jack and Kim who really the black belts. Molly is really shy to say hi to Jack. She the 2 degree black belt as well. She was a vampire and Jack is a half vampire and a werewolf. But in the new story she was a new slayer. She loves to wear black clothes. and she still 16 years old. But in the future she was a wife with Mike with 3 kids. But in (Halloween Story) the thing is she is really freak out of zompyres. She used have a crush on Jack but now he a zompyre with Lindsay. The thing is she friends with Kim who is her Bf, MIlton, Jerry and Rudy. Who is really kind to her. But she has a first crush is Mike *Micheal

  • but Jack meets her at the tournament he said that he has a crush on her. but she not cool with it and she loves to sing and she also plays guitar (not in real life).
Molly Andrson/Brewer
Some attributes
First Age: 16
Second Frineds: Kim,Jerry,Milton,Julie and Eddie
Third Normal,Vampire and Slayer
Other attributes
Fourth Guitar,Karate and Singing
Fifth 2nd degree black belt
Sixth Lilly ‘her sister’

Her RelationshipsEdit

Her crush that she only is Mike Daveon.