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So i love KIckin'it a lot! and i got crazy when i saw it *last year* and now it really happeneing again this year. But my favourite Episode is 'Wazombie Warriors' and 'Karate Games'. Ilove Wazombie Warriors Episode and it really scary,Epic,Cute and Funny, so i wrote in my blogger and this is what  i said
    • I love that episode and it’s really Scary, Romance and Funny. But it has 2 bumpers. it really made me freak out last year when i saw it for the first time to see it. My creepy part is that Jack turn into a zompire and it really scary. of course i saw the Bumper of (Leo Howard) he looks so scary hair is same as mine for real! now i really freak out still.
    • I read the story and it is really scary because jack is a zompyre and now this is not happening for that. and now i think i gotta have that story on my nightmare. Hopefully not. And i still watching he Wazombie Warriors in different website.

and i love 'Wazombie Warriors' from Kickin'it. i hope there will be Kickin'it on my t.v this year again. :)

Kickin It- Jack and Kim moments from Wazombie Warriors 2

Kickin It- Jack and Kim moments from Wazombie Warriors 2

My Favourite Momemt from My Favourite Episode!