Jessica Hope Wasabi
Some attributes
First Friends Jack, Kim,Milton and Jerry
Second December 21 1998
Third Karate,Playing Pranks,Shooting,Swimming and Partying
Other attributes
Other: Jess's parents divorced when she was about 13 and her mother remarried when she was 14. Her stepdad, Drake, often took her to the rifle range. She used to be a Black Dragon but was betrayed by them when she was 12, shortly after she was betrayed, her family moved to China. Things in Jess's past made her scared to become close to anyone and learn to always hide her emotions. Though many times she can't. It is unclear what made Jess this way.

About HerEdit

Name: Jessica Hope 'Jess' Wasabi (KI)

Age: 16

Birthday: December 21, 1998

Mother: Miranda Baker (deceased)

Father: Gary Wasabi (deceased); Stepfather: Drake Baker

Hair Color/Style: Caramel brown/medium-length hair with bangs over right eye

Eye Color: Blue/gray (if I said something else in one of my stories... whoops)

Friends: Jack, Kim, Milton, Jerry, Kai (CF)

Enemies: Kai, Drake Baker, Ty, the Black Dragons

Love Interest: Jack

Likes: Karate, swimming, shooting, playing pranks, partying

Dislikes: Looking weak

Greatest Fear: Losing everyone she loves/being betrayed

Heading 4Edit