Erica is Elsa and Anna new Girl and she is a wolf Princess. Is for New Story of Frozen *Shiver* and it will be awesome to see

Some attributes
First Wolf Princess
Second Elsa and Anna new Sister
Third Fear that her Wolfs howls at her home.
Other attributes
Fourth She Love her sisters,Dark Choclate and Used her powers
Fifth Powers = Wolf speed, Smelled of blood
Sixth no Reletationship

She moved from NY and then the Boat was landed in Arendelle And she meets the Snow Queen Elsa and the Princess Anna. But she has no reletationship when she went to Anna's home.

Her Wolf Form is Brown Fur,Claws, her long ears and her fangs.

But in her Human Form is Brown hair, red lips, she is 5'4 tall and she a good person to her sisters.