This is About Don for Kickin'it Fan Made and we are making others as well soon

Don Andrson
Some attributes
First Normal Person and Lives in Seaford
Second Girlfriend to Anna
Third Friends Molly,Amber,Katelyn,Kim,Jack and More
Other attributes
Fourth Kate and Sandy Sisters

He 17 years old. he has red hair with a cap and 5'6 tall  and he love to wear blue t-shrit and a star necklades tha Molly gave to him beofre that day in his birthday.

The boy with the Guitar by Trianglis


He has a crush on Anna, frist thing he was never has a girlfriend. He meets lot of friends, but he can't his parents *because they passed away when he was 8 years old*.


  • He likes to play his drums
  • Also played his guitar *for 4 years now* and he still playing his guitar.
  • Fav Food is Sushi

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