Anna Dave Jones is a Oc for Kickin'it

Anna Dave Jones
Some attributes
First Bad attudie to Molly
Second June 5 = 17 years old
Third Crush on Don Jones
Other attributes
Fourth BF Katelyn,Kyle and Amber
Fifth Black Dragon = Black Belt
Sixth Haters Molly and Mike

Anna is a mean character and she is really mean to Molly that she always Hang out when they are kids. But they are emneys to each other Anna has a reletationship with Don Jones. They always love birds. But they always are in Black dragons Dojo and she a Black Belt. But Don is Brown Belt. She has a bad attudie, on the stories she is mean to her in the past.

Her age: 17 years old and she was taller than her worst emeny Molly.


No Good Girl Ana 3 by Ebotiguio
She is a Kind/Mean Person and she really strong as her Friend Molly. She also funny and Bravely because she not afarid of something execpt for Wolfs.

But she a bd girl in Seaford High. And she friends with Katelyn,Amber and Kyle. Amber was a good girl and one day she join her her bf Molly. Because she quit the Black Dragons.

She never has a good friend with them a lot and Amber is her least bf. But not BFF because they also emenys.

Heading 6Edit